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My name is Rosemary Edwards and I established Hair Sparkle Hair Salon in 1982 here in Oak Park and have been featured in Shoptalk Magazine, American salon, various newspapers and channel 32 with Darlean Hill. My styles have been embraced on the Oprah Winfrey show and channel 11 wild Chicago. I love and enjoy all creative things you can do with hair and enjoy making women feel good about themselves.

Why visit Ms. Sparkle? 
If you are looking for that great new look, Hair Sparkle is the salon in Oak Park to visit. I will create a unique look with your own natural hair, extensions, hair weaving, custom lace front, wigs or with any other desired technique. I will evaluate your hair and work with you to achieve that perfect style you are looking for. I’ve established Hair Sparkle as the premier destination in Oak Park, Illinois and it’s surrounding areas by providing groundbreaking industry trends. I pride myself on staying on the cutting edge of trendy style and executing precision cuts, vibrant colors, and using the finest ingredients to promote healthy hair care. I work very hard to make your time with me pleasant, soothing and comfortable
What Is Her Specialties?
My specialties include maintaining healthy hair, hair weaving, natural hair, hair coloring, and much more. I attend workshops, seminars and hair shows to stay abreast of all the latest trends within the industry. I am a member of the Chicago National Cosmetology Association and am a licensed cosmetology instructor. I have had advanced training under the leadership of James Harris in New York and many others. I have participated in many hair shows nationally and have placed 1st in numerous competitions. My inspiration originates in my childhood, at age 12, when my brother and cousin asked me to finger wave their hair. Since then, hair has been my passion.
My Goals
My goal is to provide women with exciting diversity through my weaving technique. Today’s styles can be flexible with wavy, straight, spiral curls, roller sets or blow dry looks. Perfect look has certainly been my forte as I create weave styles that allow flexibility and versatility.  I have developed a special technique for applying extensions that are undetected and natural looking to the eye.
Anxious to share the secrets of my success I conduct seminars and provide services for Seniors on Mother’s Day, which is simply just my way of giving back to Oak Park and Chicago. I sincerely believe that to love your work is its own reward and I am delighted with what has grown from my desire to help women feel good about themselves. This has all become a reality for me and my work the past 30 years.

Always remember there is nothing two can’t do, as long as one is god and the other is you..

-Ms. Sparkle

Hair Sparkle

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    Welcome to Hair Sparkle, where your hair is pampered and treated by your professional stylists Ms. Sparkle herself to maintain a healthy color and glow. We are a conveniently located hair salon in Oak Park, Illinois, we promise our services are worth your time and money and we do it all, from hair cuts to coloring, extensions, weaves and more. Once you experience what Hair Sparkle has to offer, you’ll dump your box dye in the trash and keep coming back!

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Hair Sparkle

Welcome to Hair Sparkle, where your hair is pampered and treated by your professional stylists Ms. Sparkle herself to maintain a healthy color and glow.